Formation of International Center of Excellence
to Promote Teacher Education on ESD


Dear Participants of the 2019 Global Conference on Teacher Education for ESD in Okayama, November 22-25, Japan.

I am writing on behalf of the steering committee of the above-mentioned conference to thank you very much for valuable contribution to the conference. We learnt much from your excellent presentation and benefited greatly from the many discussions we had with you.

We hope to work further with you to achieve the SDGs and develop ESD/GCED. It is essential to realize what was stated in the 2019 Statement on Teacher Education for ESD from Okayama. Once again our special thanks to you for helping to make the conference such a success.

Sincerely yours,
Hiroki FUJII


  1. 2019 Statement on Teacher Education for ESD from Okayama →download
  2. Asia-Pacific ESD Teacher Competency Framework →download